List of disciplines:

"Communication in general practitioner's practice" (elective course for the 1st year students)

"Patient care" (2nd year) 

"Introduction to internal medicine (propedeutics)" (3rd year)

"Elective courses: actual questions of outpatient care" (5th year)

"General practice - Family medicine" Ukrainian and foreign students (6th year)


"Pharmacotherapy for Family Doctors in 5 STEPS" 

This elective course is based on basic knowledge gained by students in the study of such disciplines as medical chemistry, microbiology with the basics of immunology, pathological physiology, biological chemistry, pharmacognosy, pharmacology.

The purpose statement of studying the course"Pharmacotherapy for Family Doctors in 5 steps" are modern schemes of rational pharmacotherapy and guidelines for the most common diseases treatment, the basic principles of individual choice of the most effective and safe medicines on the basis of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics.

5 study days for 5 the most HOT-TOPICS in Family Medicine.

Choose our course and you never forget it!



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Дата оновлення сторінки: 14.12.2022