The Department of Family Medicine and Outpatient Care of the Medical Faculty №2 of Uzhhorod National University is the youngest department and was established in 2020.

It is headed by Pavlo Kolesnyk, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, National Coordinator of the European Academy of Family Medicine Teachers (EURACT) and European General Practitioners Research Network (EGPRN). Director of the University Clinic with  Educational and Center of Rehabilitation and Gerontology and Training Center for Family Medicine and Pre-Medical Care. 

Currently the team of the Department of Family Medicine and Outpatient Care consist of: 7 candidates of medical sciences work at the, in addition to 6 associate professors and 8 assistants.


What is interesting, is that the average age of these employees is 33, making it the youngest among all of the departments of Uzhhorod National University.

Both foreign and Ukrainian students study at the department and the focus of training is practical, interactive and evidence-based.

All teachers are family doctors who are fluent in English and ready to learn new and  use interactive teaching methods. 

A unique method of teaching has been developed by the team and is called the ‘’OSCE-fish standardized patient”. These are educational videos for students with various scenarios and diagnosis’. This has been created on the territory of the department and promotes better mastering of the material.


List of disciplines:

  • "Communication in general practitioner's practice" (elective course for the 1st year students)
  • "Patient care" (2nd year) 
  • "Introduction to internal medicine (propedeutics)" (3rd year)
  • "Elective courses: actual questions of outpatient care" (5th year)
  • "General practice - Family medicine" Ukrainian and foreign students (6th year)


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Дата оновлення сторінки: 14.12.2022