Student Department

In their work employees of the university student department conform to the law of Ukraine “On Higher Education”, “Regulations on procedure of students’ transferring, flunking and renewal at the higher educational institutions”, “Regulations on academic leave and re-education at the higher educational institutions” and other regulations.

Student department coordinates student’s stay at the university from the very day of their entrance till its graduation.

Right after being enrolled in the university, employees of selection committee transfer his/her personal record to the student department, where it is preserved for the whole period of his studying. This document contains all records of student’s relocation, his success in studying, stimulation and chastisement.

Student department workers prepare rector’s orders of university enrolment, alter its data, register the student’s moving up into the next course, form database of students who have special status ( the socially unprotected, orphans, the disabled etc); together with dean’s office employees they draw up and give out student’s tickets, prepare bachelor, specialist and master diplomas for the issuance etc.

If the student has a service record book at the time of admission, he can register it at student department.

For young men who are being military registered, the student department issues the certificate of the corresponding form and confirms annually his study at the university.

Moreover, the staff exercises control over students’ attendance of lectures and his adhering to the statutory requirements.

Students may appeal to this department, if he needs to decide such questions as:
  • the procedure of transferring from one university to another one;
  • the procedure of transferring from one form of study into another one;
  • the procedure of expelling from the university;
  • the procedure of renovation to the student membership;
  • the procedure of taking academic leave;
  • the procedure of  student re-education;
  • the procedure of drawing up the service record book;
  • the procedure of  military service postponing;
  • the procedure of revising the documents because of changing surname;
  • the procedure of issuance of documents from personal record book etc. 

M. Polyuzhyn