Hungarology Center

According to the Article 1.3. of the work plan, signed on January 31st 1986 by the governments of the USSR and of the Hungarian People’s Republic for 1986-1990 years, the protocol on cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and Education of Hungary and the Ministry of Higher and Secondary special Education of the USSR Ministry of Education of the USSR in the field of Russian and rusystycs in Hungary, as well as the Hungarian language and Hungarology in the Soviet Union for the 1987-1990 years, signed on October 21st  1987, a decision was taken to establish the Center of rusystycs at the Department of the Russian Language at Budapest University, and the Center Hungarology at Uzhgorod State University.

On the basis on these agreements at the end of February 1988 the chairman of Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet A.Hromyko and President of the Hungarian People’s Republic Nyymet was signed an agreement about the establishment of the Center of Hungarology at Uzhgorod State University.

For conducting organizational preparatory works and aimed the establishment of the Centre of Hungarology rector Uzhgorod State University issued an order № 15-05 on 01.12.1988 in which the first two points were:

  1. To open since January 14th 1988, the Center of Hungarology on the basis of the Department of Hungarian Philology at Uzhgorod State University.
  2. To appoint the head of the Department of the Hungarian philology professor P.M. Lyzanets the director of the Center of Hungarology.

For the perion of 23 years has been carried out in the Center of Hungarology significant, extensive organizational, informational, pedagogical, research and scientific work. The purpose of the Center of Hungarology ia to maintain and coordinate research, teaching work and other activities in the field of research of hungarological disciplines in Ukraine, to promote consolidation and cooperation of researchers, teachers and specialists, who work in the fields of this science in Higher Schools, research institutions, schools, publishing houses on the territory of Ukraine, as well as activized comprehensive studies of Ukrainian-Hungarian interlanguage, interliterary and cultural contacts at different levels.

The employees of the Center of Hungarology and the lecturers of the Department of the Hungarian philology UzhNU was adited in co-authorship a seven-volume general Carpathian dialectological atlas (1988-2003), a three-volume Atlas of Transcarpathian patoises by professor P. M. Lyzants, the Hungarian-Ukrainian Dictionary (2001), Ukrainian-Hungarian Dictionary (2005, second edition 2008), the Ukrainian-Hungarian and Hungarian-Ukrainian dictionary of set-expressions and phrases (2009), Bibliographical index of scientific works in Hungarology (1990), Bibliographical indicator of hunharolohsts of Armenia, Russia, Ukraine and Estonia (1997), the first collection of Hungarian folk tales of the Transcarpathia wider the title "Three golden arrows", the first collection of Hungarian ballads of the Transcarpathia, first collection of Anthology of Hungarian literature and others. A number of the "Ukrainian language for Hungarians" have been published (1992), "Hungarian for Ukrainians" (1992), "The Hungarian language for beginners" (1991, 1999), "Learning the Ukrainian language " (2009). A book "The 40th anniversary of the Hungarian Department of UzhNU" (2003), and translated from Latin into Ukrainian with a profound forward P.M. Lyzanets, Slavic-Russian grammar by M. Luchkay (1989) have also been published. "The dictionary of the Hungarian patoises of Transcarpathia" has been prepared for edition in two volumes of more than 100 printed pages. At the request of the Transcarpathian Regional Council scientifically justified and restored historic names of settlements of Transcarpathia, which approved by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. In the Center of Hungarology 15 international conferences have been held, founded and published the 20 issues of the professional journal of the Center of Hungarology «Acta Hungarica» (1990-2010).

On the basis of the Center of Hungarology has been establish the Transcarpathian Hungarian Scientific Society (1993), which includes 36 doctors, professors and 46 assistant professors. This community also has its own scientific journal "Visnyk", 5 issues of which have already seen the light. The Hungarian Scientific Association for students and young researchers (1998) has been organized on the basis of the Center of Hungarology.

For the period of its existence, researchers of the Center carried out 12 scientific state budget themes on topical themes in linguistics, literature, history and ethnography. We have also worked according to the Agreement of the Ministry of Education and Science,dated by the order № 520/3 on October 30th 2006 and by the order of the Ministry dated by October 19th 2006 under number 712 according to the plan of cross-border cooperation with Debrecen University at scientific theme "Ethno-linguistic studies of Ukrainian-Hungarian relations ". In the Center of Hungarology two scientific researchers have defended their candidates (Shovsh Kalman and Birov Ondor), Bertha Eleonara defended PhD (Doctor of Philosophy). 

The Center of Hungarology closely cooperates with an analogical centers in Rome, Paris and Hamburg. The director of the Center of Hungarology professor P.M. Lyzanets is a member of a number of several international editorial boards «Lingvistica Uralica», «Uralo-Altaica», general Carpathian dialectological Atlas and etc. From 1986 to 1996 P.M. Lyzanets was vice-president of the International Society of Hungarian Philology (Budapest).

The guests of the Center of Hungarology were former Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ivan Plusch, the Hungarian President Arpad Hynts, Ambassadors of Hungary in Ukraine, consuls, deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and deputies of the Hungarian parliament,who left their records in the book of honorable guests. Thus, for example, former Minister of Education of Ukraine P.M.Talanchuk wrote: "A very useful work is being done by the Centre. Perhaps only on the basis of mutual respect of all peoples inhabiting Ukraine may build an independent, democratic state. I wish that this state was the natural mother of all people. In this direction the Center of Hungarology has a great achievements and shows how to do this important work in appropriate way. Good luck "(1993). Or a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Academician Yukhnovsky: "It was great to meet with the Centre of Hungarology at Uzhgorod University. I’m very glad that such center is successfully functioning. I wish you a successful development in a new independent Ukraine "(1991.). President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Academician Josef Palinkash said at the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Centre. "The Center of Hungarology is the only one in the former Soviet Union, now in Ukraine and first for its importance and scientific publications in the world among similar centers in Hamburg, Paris and Rome."

The Center of Hungarology is a scholarly and spiritual center not only for teachers but also for students. Systematically scientific conference, exhibitions of paintings of famous artists, ceramists and embroiderers of Transcarpathia are held here. The competition are held for the best poem on rhetoric and oratory etc.

The library of the Center of Hungarology is attended not only by the students and lecturers, but also the Hungarian population of the region. Lectures for students of Hungarian Philology are delivered here. 

M. Polyuzhyn