Policy of the Resilience and Sustainable Development

Resilience and sustainable development policies in Uzhhorod National University are aimed at:

- attaining the status of an educational leader in Ukraine and the Carpathian region, functioning on the basis of resilience and sustainability; 

- the outstripping training of scientific and technical personnel who possess world-class competencies through integrating educational process with research and advancements in priority areas of development for ensuring competitiveness and in favour of high-tech sectors of economy;

- forming and developing structures that effectively interact with one another according to the principles of cooperation and integration within the framework of implementing joint projects; 

- building the university’s human capacity, engaging talented youth in educational, research and innovation activities by creating a comfortable environment and stimulating the implementation of interdisciplinary projects; 

- developing an entrepreneurial initiative, setting up a modern system of commercialization of the results of research and developments carried out by the university to ensure the formation of a constant flow of funding, regardless of revenues from the state budget;

- modernizing the material and technical base due to the involvement of co-financing from external sources;

- establishing a project office, forming advanced research teams and groups with the involvement of disabled persons іn them.