International Day of Women and Girls in Science at UzhNU

International Day of Women and Girls in Science at UzhNU

Every year on the 11th day of February, the United Nations, partners worldwide, women and girls mark the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. This day’s purpose is to promote full and equal access to participation in science for women and girls, ensure gender equalityprovide women and girls with more rights and a wider range of opportunities. Ukraine is one of the countries with a high percentage of women participating in research and development, According to UNESCO, as of June 2018, 45% of Ukrainian scientists were women, which was the 12th best result among the European states. As for Uzhhorod National Unversity, the percentage of female research and teaching staff members exceeds 50% - 882 out of 1552.  However, it is important to speak not only about the quantity but also about the quality. Our women form the scientific potential of the university, being the heads of various research and development centres, winning grants, actively participationg in the life of their community, undergoing trainings abroad and bringing up new constellations of their successors in science.

 On this day, women scientists from Uzhhorod National University got together to discuss the components of the Sustainable Development Concept, which includes ensuring equal rights and creating equal opportunities for women. Marianna Kolodiy, the head of the Center for Gender Education, believes that society should not treat this day as a holiday, but rather as an opportunity to focus more on the success of women and girls in science, and the problems they face. After all, women can still be discriminated or devalued in science, as in other areas that were stereotypically considered more "masculine". Uzhhorod National University is making progress in shaping public opinion and promoting equal opportunities, and the percentage of female scientists at our university is yet another evidence to this fact .