Horizon Europe: opportunities provided by the EU Programme for scientists were discussed at UzhNU

Horizon Europe: opportunities provided by the EU Programme for scientists were discussed at UzhNU

On Friday, January 20th, there was a meeting of scientists, representatives of the Faculties of Physics and Biology, the Educational and Scientific Institute of Chemistry and Ecology at UzhNU, the research department and the department of international relations to discuss the opportunities provided by the European Union Framework Programme for Research and Innovation "Horizon Europe"

At the beginning of the meeting, UzhNU Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs Ivan Myronyuk greeted those present and noted: "In the future, government funding for both fundamental and applied research will decrease. The only way out of this situation is to borrow the experiences from foreign universities, which primarily get funding by winning grants. Currently, Horizon Europe programme is probably the best competition for scientists."

Ivan Myronyuk also mentioned that the European Commission helped Ukrainian universities to join the European scientific consortia. Ukraine has become a full-fledged member of almost all scientific projects, not an associate member. Therefore, Ukrainian scientists have the opportunity to work with a very powerful resource to attract investments in science.

Talking about the peculiarities of Horizon Europe programme, vice-rector Myroslava Lendel noted: "By uniting the international and scientific blocks of the university, we have the opportunity to speed up our scientific research and make a leap into the future. We understand that the main demand for scientific research is at the global level, or rather at the interstate level. They are planning to announce a lot of competitions within the Horizon Europe programme this year, and we should make use of it."

Then, the head of the Department of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics and Pharmacology, Professor Nadiia Boyko, focused on the features of the international programme and shared some practical advice how to fill in applications for Horizon Europe programme.

Research and Innovation Funding Programme Horizon Europe is a seven-year EU programme with a budget of about 95.5 billion euros. It promotes international cooperation and enhances the impact of research and innovation in supporting and implementing EU policies to tackle global challenges of the new decade.