Department of Public Health

Since September 2019, the department is headed by Ph.D., Assoc. Sukhan V.S.

The main contingent of students of the department were employees of health departments of state regional, district and city administrations, heads of health care institutions of all forms of ownership, doctors-methodologists and doctors-interns.

The educational work of the department is carried out in two directions:

  1. Postgraduate training, which includes training of interns, pharmacists, dentists and cadets;
  2. Undergraduate training, which involves teaching students in the discipline of "Civil Defense".

The pedagogical process at the department is carried out on the basis of the faculty of postgraduate education and pre-university training of Uzhhorod National University.

Training at the department is carried out according to standard programs and curricula:

  1. Pre-certification cycles for heads of health care bodies and institutions in the specialty "Organization and management of health care";
  2. Specializations in the specialty "Organization and management of health care";
  3. Thematic improvement in the following areas:

"Management in health and psychological aspects of management"

"Actual problems of teaching specialized fundamental and clinical disciplines" for teachers of Uzhhorod National University

"Autonomization of health care facilities"

"Psychological aspects of training in higher medical education", for teachers of higher educational institutions of I-II levels of accreditation

"Diagnosis of intoxication"

"Economic and legal principles of health care institutions in the context of reforming the industry"

"Modern approaches to ensuring the quality of medical care"

Training of interns-pharmacists from the cycle "Organization, management and economics of pharmacy";

Training of intern dentists in the cycle "Management in Dentistry";

"Civil Protection".

Since the beginning of the department's existence, it has been conducting specialization courses and pre-certification cycles for heads of health care bodies and institutions in the specialty "Organization and management of health care"; cycles of thematic improvement in the following areas: "Management in health care and psychological aspects of management"; "Management information support. Medical statistics"; "Medical Law"; "Management in dentistry"; "Health Care Quality Management".

During the 2008-2019 academic years, 1,896 cadets successfully completed postgraduate training, which solved the problem of accreditation and licensing in the Zakarpattia region.

In addition, interns are trained in all specialties in the cycle "Management in Health Care"; interns-pharmacists on the cycle "Organization, management and economics of pharmacy"; interns-dentists in the cycle "Management in Dentistry" and training of students of all faculties of civil defense.

Over time, the list of cadets and subjects expanded. Thus, since 2016, the department has introduced cycles of thematic improvement for teachers of Uzhhorod National University and teachers of medical colleges where 175 specialists studied.

Employees of the department work closely with the Department of Health of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration. Joint work is carried out in the following directions:

- organization of training and retraining of doctors-managers;

- providing organizational and methodological assistance to health care bodies and institutions in terms of improving the management of the health care system in the context of growing market relations (management consulting):

- preparation for state accreditation of health care institutions and their autonomy.

Employees of the department study the determinants of health, assess and monitor the health of the community, take measures to form a responsible attitude to personal health, as well as study the needs for training, system development and information support, and more.

Employees of the department conduct active scientific work. They prepared and published 8 monographs, 12 methodical recommendations, 127 scientific articles, which were published in professional and foreign journals. Under the guidance of scientists of the department 5 doctoral and 7 candidate dissertations were prepared and defended. Employees of the department take an active part in international and national scientific conferences.

The main teaching aids prepared by the staff of the department are "Indicators of public health and their use in health care management", "Fundamentals of management in health care", "Management culture as an integral part of management in the health care system" , "The relevance of civil protection in modern conditions." Employees of the department took part in the development of organizational guidance approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for the organization of health care facilities in emergencies of various kinds.

The main areas of scientific activity of the department are the study and analysis of public health of the population of the Transcarpathian region under the influence of man-made influences and natural disasters; improving the management of health care facilities in terms of their reform; ensuring the quality and continuity of medical care at different levels of its provision; substantiation of the principles of preventive work of primary health care in the conditions of introduction of family medicine.

In the educational process of the department multimedia electronic means are used, in addition, widely used educational and methodical support in the form of scientific and methodical manuals, a set of text, graphic and video information on many topics for lectures, seminars, practical.

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