PhD and Doctorate programmes

Day release residency training lasts for two years for Ukrainian citizens.

Foreign citizens  may qualify for the continuation of the  residency training  for the period of one up to two years on the basis of the  permit prescribed by the Ministry for Healthcare of Ukraine. The training  begins in terms of  the contract concluded.

Ukrainian citizens with qualifications of a doctor and no less than three years’ service record following internship may qualify for the clinical residency training on a competitive basis. Doctors with completed internship but without the required work experience can also apply for the residency training on the grounds of references by the Academic Council of the according educational institution or postgraduate establishment.

Doctors working in rural hospitals, medical district hospitals, hospitals of the former Chornobyl area in accordance with acting legislation are entitled to  non-competitive admission.

To apply for the clinical residency training one should submit:
  1. Personnel record card
  2. The transcript of the qualifications of a doctor
  3. The transcript of the obtained degree in a particular medical speciality
  4. The transcript of the employment record book
  5. The list of scientific publications and inventions
  6. Abstract from the Minutes of the Academic Board meeting with recommendations from the corresponding educational institution or postgraduate establishment (for those without the required work experience).

S. Golik