Coffee with the Dean/ Coffee with a Student: Top 5 Reasons to Join the Medical Faculty No.2

Coffee with the Dean/ Coffee with a Student: Top 5 Reasons to Join the Medical Faculty No.2

 Well, let’s continue our tradition of “coffee” interview! Today it’s even more exciting as ever before.  As, we have a talk with the international students of the Medical Faculty No.2.

 The dean of the Faculty, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences Vasyl Kaliy and the Faculty graduate Liton Bhomick state their Top 5 reasons why it is worth studying at the faculty.


Liton Chandra Bhomick, a graduate of the Medical Faculty No.2:

I am honored to be able to write about my beloved University and I always feel proud being a student of such an excellent institute. I graduated Medical Faculty 2 and now practicing in my home country. Let me tell you what I have learned from my teachers, they taught me how to be energetic along with calming demeanour which puts my patients at ease. They made me a strong communicator and believe in providing patients with information regarding their health as well as allowing them time to ask questions. I have received praise from both patients and administrators on my approachable nature and genuine concern. I have the training and skills needed to diagnose patients properly and in a timely fashion which wouldn't be possible without my Knowledgeable professors. 

 Here are 5 main reasons why you should enter the medical faculty No.2 of Uzhhorod National University:


1. Student Friendly-Our University is always student friendly with Challenging academic environment and Knowledgeable professors/instructors who will take Classes necessary to achieve your goal. We have Great library with books and electronic options necessary for research with friendly, inviting campus.

 2. Highest Level of Accreditation-Uzhhorod National University is one of the traditional universities of Ukraine accredited by the IV (highest) level of accreditation.

 3. Extracurricular Activities-UzhHU have good reputation for it's wide range of extracurricular activities that are diverse. Every year they organise few sports events and I have seen our Dean himself participated in Volleyball which is encouraging. They didn't disappoint me as a Cricket lover. 

 4. New Friends-Best part of studying abroad is learning new cultures and making new friends. Some of them might surprise you. I was no different, I made friends too and now we are working all over the world and serving mankind.

 5. UZHHOROD-The city has its own beauty and culture. Uzhhorod has Church, Temple and Mosque. All I can say is a well balanced city. The People's of uzhhorod are very kind and friendly to foreigners and they respect all religion. 

 Uzhhorod, the city i love most and I call her my second home.


Vasyl Kaliy, Dean of the Faculty, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences:


I consider this question to be quite subjective because there are far more reasons to study at the Medical Faculty No.2 than 5. Moreover, everyone has their own. Thus, I will talk about the reasons that, in my opinion, are the most relevant for a young person, who is looking for not only for happy student years, which he/she will undoubtedly find, but also sincerely cares about the future, and therefore the well-being of his family.


I will not just praise our faculty, but will tell only the facts, so:


1.The Medical Faculty No.2 is one of the youngest and most dynamic faculties because, in 4 years of existence, the number of students has increased 3.5 times, and will soon become the largest in UzhNU because there are already almost 1,500 students.

2. Our Faculty is the most popular, because we have 250-300 freshmen every year, and only here you can find friends from 40 countries and create a strong network of professional connections in the future

3. The Faculty trains highly qualified professionals, the level of knowledge and competence of which is evidenced not only by external independent evaluation, in the form of the KROK license exam, but also by the unimpeded nostrification of our diplomas abroad.

4. We teach not just the most humane profession, but we give a high social status to the doctor, who is prestigious at all times and in all countries.

5. Only the Medical Faculty No. 2 provides the educational process exclusively in English, which removes all restrictions on employment anywhere in the world. And I would also like to emphasize that our structural unit is primarily a classic Medical Faculty with English as the language of instruction.


Olexiy Shafranyosh,

Information and Publishing Center