Information Technology Center

The Information Technologies Center (ITC) is engaged in research, development and implementation of information technologies (IT) at the Uzhhorod National University. The center was created on the basis of the reorganized educational and scientific institute of information and communication technologies (NNI ICT) in 2015.

Strategic goals of ITC:

  • Implementation of the State conceptual foundations of e-education
  • Integration of ICT into education and research areas
  • Studies of psycho-pedagogical aspects of e-learning
  • Analytics of world-wide experience in ICT area, development and adaptation of e-learning technologies
  • Creating solutions of mass education projects.

Departments of the Institute are:

  • Department of Technical Support of Educational Process (Head of Dept.: Kurutsa O.S.);
  • Department of Innovative and Web Technologies (Head of Dept.: Vronsky S.V.);
  • Department of E-learning (Head of Dept.: Haiovych Y.F.);
  • Department of Communication Technologies (Head of Dept.: Petervari Y.D.);
  • Laboratory of Multimedia Learning Technologies (Head of Lab.: Ph.D. Nelyubov V.O.).

Educational activities

  • Creation of Authoring software
  • Implementation of e-learning by using modular object-oriented learning environment (Moodle) and other software for distance learning at university
  • Providing universal access for all of the participants of educational process to learning materials in electronic form (e-content)
  • Promoting the development of e-learning courses (e-content)
  • Training of academic and administrative staff of the University in modern ICT

Research activities

  • Promoting publishing of university’s scientific periodicals in e-forms
  • Organization of the permanent seminar for students and young teachers “Modern technologies in education"
  • Participation in organization of the local university’s, national and international scientific and educational conferences, seminars etc.

University-wide IT-integration

  • integration of all academic buildings and dormitories in a single corporate Intranet network based on fiber optics
  • deployment of free Wi-Fi  hot spots
  • creation of a centralized network of large-scale LCD-panels to deliver high quality visual announcements
  • computer laboratories and multimedia classrooms for presentations, online seminars, videoconferences
  • cooperation with software developers and participation in software academic-licenses programs
  • official University's web-site development and support



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