Volunteerism of Uzhhorod National University is an association of students, graduate students, teachers, staff and graduates of Uzhhorod National University. It was created at the Resource Center for Sustainable Development.

The founding meeting of the Volunteer took place on the International Volunteer Day - December 5, 2018. According to the preliminary registration, 86 volunteers volunteered to join the Volunteer Work. As of the end of the 2018-2019 school year, our team already has more than 100 volunteers.


The main goals of the Association:

VOLUNTEERING at Uzhhorod National University is a real human contribution to solving a social problem and creating a better world. That is why we unite in a team of many thousands to change our lives in the university, community, region, country and the world for the better. These are ambitious plans that we implement in small steps in various spheres of life - helping, developing and learning. It is a voluntary choice that reflects personal views and positions; it is active participation in the life of society, which is expressed, as a rule, in social activities.


Uzhhorod Volunteers are people who do something of their own free will, with consent, not under duress. These are voluntary initiatives of students, teachers, graduates and staff, which extend to almost any field of human activity.

For students, participation in volunteering has its advantages, namely:

 - pre-professional training, professional self-determination and formation;

 - mastering the knowledge and practical skills of social work with children and youth;

 - experience of individual and group work with peers and adults;

 - new friends, interesting leisure, meaningful employment, the opportunity to help others;

 - development of leadership qualities, creative abilities, self-expression and becoming a young person as a person, as an active member of society;

 - the opportunity to participate in decision-making processes that affect young people.

The main activities of volunteers:


  1. Social rehabilitation work, prevention and overcoming of negative phenomena in the youth environment.


  2. Guardianship of socially vulnerable groups.


  3. Social development of youth and its integration into society.


Basic principles of volunteers:


  • the right to association for all men, women, children, regardless of their race, religion, physical characteristics, social and financial status;

  • respect for the dignity and culture of all people;

  • mutual assistance, free services in person or organized in the spirit of partnership and brotherhood;

  • recognition of the equal importance of personal and collective needs, promoting the collective provision of these needs;

  • transformation of volunteering into an element of personal prosperity, acquisition of new knowledge and skills, improvement of abilities, mobilization for this initiative and creativity of people, giving everyone the opportunity to be a creator, not a user;

  • stimulating a sense of responsibility;

  • encouraging family, collective and international solidarity.


If you want to join the Association, please, fill in the form - 


Our Partners

For a short time of activity we have developed well-established communication and partnership with the following institutions and organizations:


Uzhhorod City Council

Uzhhorod City Center for Social Services for Families, Children and Youth

Uzhhorod City Department of Education

"Red Cross" in the city of Uzhgorod

NGO "Barbos"

NGO "Movement for Support of Transcarpathian Military"

MSRC "Road of Life"

NGO "Active Community"

NGO "Plast"

NGO "Kolping's Case in Ukraine" (University of the Third Age)

"Probation Center" in the Transcarpathian region


Transcarpathian Youth Council

Charitable Foundation "Everything is possible"

 Resource and Information Center ‘’Window to America’’

Transcarpathian Regional Center for Social and Labor Rehabilitation and Vocational Guidance "CHOICE"

Society of Disabled Workers and Childhood "Optimist"


Coordinators of work


The work of the Volunteer is supervised by the coordinator of the Resource Center for Sustainable Development - Candidate of Political Science. Sciences, Associate Professor of International Studies and Public Communications Anna Igorevna Meleganych.


At most faculties and departments of the university there are responsible persons:



Responsible coordinators


Director of the Center for Innovation and Development Yurchuk Alyona Oleksandrivna

Faculty of Biology

senior lecturer, candidate of agricultural sciences N. Kovalyuk Olesya Mykhailivna

Geography faculty

3rd year student Oros Gabriella, 3rd year student - Sukhan Ivan

Ukrainian-Hungarian Educational and Scientific Institute


Faculty of Engineering and Technology


Faculty of History and International Relations

Assoc. Prof., Ph.D. Meleganych Anna Ihorivna, 3rd year student Popadynets Victoria,

Faculty of Mathematics


Medical faculty

2nd year student Yurina Maria, 6th year student Trelis Maria

Faculty of Dentistry 

1st year student Makusiy Volodymyr

Faculty of Economics

Teacher Tovt Kristina Robertivna

Faculty of Health and Physical Education


Faculty of Information Technologies

Senior teacher, beginning. center of IT Kurutsa Alexey Stepanovich

Faculty of Postgraduate Education and Pre-University Training

Teacher Gryadil Taras Vasyliovych

Faculty of Social Sciences

Teacher Kolodiy Snizhana Mykhailivna

Faculty of Foreign Philology

Assoc. Ph.D. N. Andrusyak Iryna Vasylivna, 4th year student - Ledchak Alina

Faculty of Tourism and International Communications



Medical Faculty №2



Faculty of Physics



Faculty of International Economic Relations

4th year student Alina Chabanova


Faculty of Philology

4th year student Peter D.


Faculty of Chemistry

Assoc., Ph.D.,. Delegan-Kokayko Svitlana Vasylivna, 5th year student - Glyudzyk Emilia


Faculty of Law

Associate Professor, Candidate of Law, Mendzhul Maria Vasylivna, Associate Professor, Candidate of Law, Petretska Natalia Ivanivna, students - Pavlo Velichko

Current information

Most often, our volunteers visit boarding schools (for children and the elderly) in the region, help organize various events, marathons, races, educational and entertainment events, conferences, debates. Participate in exercises, trainings and seminars for personal development. They teach and help to learn about the world and grow comprehensively for many categories of people in need in the city of Uzhhorod and Zakarpattia region.


If you also want to join us, fill out the form and stay up to date.


 Volunteerism of Uzhhorod National University on Facebook


Activities conducted by the Volunteer:

Volunteers of Uzhhorod National University sang carols for the elderly

Volunteers of Uzhhorod National University visited pupils of two institutions in one week!

Volunteers of Uzhhorod National University attend boarding schools in Transcarpathia


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