Coffee with the dean / coffee with a student: top 5 reasons to enter the Faculty of International Economic Relations

Coffee with the dean / coffee with a student: top 5 reasons to enter the Faculty of International Economic Relations

Students and staff members of the Faculty of Internatonal Economic Relatons are proud of the friendly and supportive environment they have created within their unit. It helps them to develop, discover their own potential and talents. Upon completion of their studies at the faculty, its graduates can get the qualifications of international economist, interpretor, linguist and IT specialist. It allows them to pursue successfully leadership positions in international companies, diplomatic institutions, and IT industry both in Ukraine and abroad.

Other benefits of studying at the Faculty of International Economic Relations have been revealed for our weekly column by the dean Mykola Palinchak and a student Renata Sheverya.

 These are top 5 reasons to choose the Faculty of International Economic Relations.

 Renata Scheverya, a 3rd year student:

1. The teachers at our facuty are young, always open to new students’ ideas and initiatives. We can always easily contact the deputy dean for educational work or the dean himself if we need some assistance with the implementation of our plans.

2. The opportunity to develop my personal skills by means of studying a variety of subjects is important for me. It helps you to understand better which direction you prefer and where you want to work after graduation.

3. Our graduates have very good command of two foreign languages, which is very relevant today and greatly expands their employment opportunities.

4. We often meet with diplomats, consuls, representatives of international business and academicians who gladly share their experience and knowledge with us.

5. The renovated classrooms at the faculty are always warm, light, and are equipped with all the necessary things for comfortable studying.

Mykola Palinchak, the dean of the faculty:

 1. Our diplomas are valued by the best foreign universities. Many graduates of the Faculty of International Economic Relations continue their studies for Master’s Degrees in Austria, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary.

2. Students have the opportunity to study in a truly international environment together with the foreign students who are native English speakers, which promotes mutual cultural exchange and prepares students for the work in a multicultural environment.

3. Student life is full of various events. Students, together with their teachers, are engaged in scientific work, and implementation of international projects; attend varous educational events. We regularly organize and hold team-building events and disseminate the information about them through our pages in social networks.

4. The international cooperation of the faculty provides wide opportunities for our students and teachers to undergo practical trainings and take part in exchange programmes at consular institutions, international companies, and leading European universities. Another great advantage of ours is the presence of four post-graduate courses and four professional journals.

5.We are proud that our graduates build successful careers in diplomacy, as managers of the leading foreign enterprises, and employees of the ministries of the Ukrainian government.