Hosam Megahed Abdalla tells us about “Meeting with international students at The Ministry Of Science and Education” and his personal experience while studying in Ukraine.

Hosam Megahed Abdalla tells us about “Meeting with international students at The Ministry Of Science and Education” and his personal experience while studying in Ukraine.

Hosam Megahed Abdalla is one of the first students who has passed a qualification examination “KROK II” in UzhNU and is passing his internship in a City Central Hospital at Surgery Department. Last week Hosam has visited a meeting with international students organized by Ministry of Education. He has shared his impressions after the meeting as well as experience of living in Ukraine, going through three universities as well as his stories about Motherland.


 Was it interesting to visit Kiev and a meeting in general? What questions have you discussed?

Yes, It’s been quite informative. The participants were a Vice Minister of Science and Education – Roman Greba, Director of Centre of International Education of Ukraine – Olena Shapovalova as well as representatives of embassies of Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon. There were a lot of issues that we’ve highlighted including quality of medical education, changes in legislation system regarding education process in Ukraine and immigration support, qualification examination “KROK”, recognition of Diplomas and a corruption in higher education institutions, etc. As for the corruption I have to admit that I’ve never came across it in universities. Unfortunately, some of the foreigners are entering Ukrainian universities not just for the purpose of studying, affecting the reputation of ones. As a result, sometimes local people are getting a wrong impression regarding international students. But people are different just like fingers on a hand anyway.

Please, tell us more about yourself, your family and Motherland.

My home is Egypt and a city of Luxor. I’m sure most of the Ukrainians know it as it’s a quite popular tourist destination. My Dad is a Doctor too and a founder of a hospital so it’s fair to say that I’ve followed family traditions. We’ve already worked together and I’ve been assisting him. My Dad comes to Uzhgorod quite often, almost every four months. He really likes the city and the university. I’m a middle child as I’ve got an older brother and a younger sister. She has chosen to commit her life to medicine as well by becoming a Dentist. By the way, it’s been a Mother’s Day on the 21st of March and I’d like to greet my Mum one more time.

 ÃÂ¥ÃÂ¾Ã‘ÐµÐ¼ з татом в Ужгороді

Why have you chosen to gain a higher degree in Ukraine and how did you end up in Uzhgorod National University?

As I’ve already mentioned, my Dad is a Doctor. So, his friends suggested him Ukraine country as the country where you can get a high quality medical education that’s why he’s advised me to go to Ukraine for studying. First of all, I’ve lived in Lviv where my education has begun. After that I’ve decided to move to Luhansk to carry on my studying. But because of tragic events on the East of Ukraine I’ve had no choice but to change a place of higher education. I’ve read about Uzhgorod and Transcarpathia on the internet and really liked it, that’s how I’ve ended up here and I’m quite happy about it.

After living in different cities and studying in different universities of Ukraine, have you noticed a difference between them? Also, what is it in particular?

I do think difference exists. By all means UzhNU is the best uni for me. I really liked relations between teachers and students. You can easily approach any of them and consult on questions you have doubts about and they always help. We had a great support while preparing for “KROK II” as teachers really helped massively, they’ve been organizing extra classes and shared additional useful materials and tests. I have to admit it hasn’t happened on one or two occasions. Both Deans of both Medical Faculties Prof. Oleksandr Boldizhar and Prof. Vasiliy Kaliy have been closely involved in preparation process as they really wanted to see results of their work. Also we experience great support from workers of Department of International Students Affairs and can always address to them with requests and issues. For example, we’ve been visiting Lviv where I’ve met lots of friends. One of them even went to Egypt with me.

You are quite fluent in Ukrainian language how did you manage to learn it?

Thank you, I’ve started to learn language in Lviv. Because of the fact that I’ve been late with application I’ve entered Ukraine in November so I’ve couldn’t start my education till September. All that time I’ve devoted for studying of Ukrainian language. I’ve been lucky to have good teachers and thanks to that I have a good knowledge in grammar already. Of course, I’m still studying and practising until now.

WhyhaveyoustayedinUkraineandwhatareyour plans for the future?

I think that that is a great experience because of medical schools differ from country to country. I’ve came across new methods, innovations and European influence. And it’s really cool that I’ve got an opportunity to practice in Egypt and Ukraine. In three years’ time I’m planning to go back to Egypt and work there as a Doctor.

 Interviewer: Hanna Feltsan

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