UzhNU took part in a large-scale cleaning of the territory of the botanic garden “Ecotoloka”

UzhNU took part in a large-scale cleaning of the territory of the botanic garden “Ecotoloka”

As already reported on the official website on February 21, 2023, the Academic Council approved the Policy of Sustainability and Sustainable Development of Uzhhorod National University. One of its main components is ecological, whose priorities include beautification and greening of the university campus and other territories, as well as interaction with all interested parties who share the values of sustainable development.

On Friday, March 24, 2023, caring city dwellers got together to take part in "Ecotoloka na Shakhti" activity to clean up the territory of the botanic garden. More than 700 people participated, including the teams of district and regional military administrations, employees of the Tysa Basin Water Resources Administration, foresters and eco-activists. The leadership of Uzhhorod National University, the teams of the Faculty of Biology, employees of the administrative and economic departments, students also joined the cleanup activity.

"Every year, we clean the territory of the botanic garden with the help of employees and students of the university. The area of the botanic garden is 83 hectares and requires considerable human resources for its well-kept appearance. Today, we received a lot of help, thanks to the efforts of Zakarpattia Regional Military Administration and all the people who really care about clean environment. Therefore, the cleaning will be even more effective," says Dmytro Soima, vice-rector for administrative and economic work.

Moreover, 3 units of refuse collection vehicles, 20 chainsaws and 70 brushcutters were used for the cleanup. In just a few hours, more than half a thousand packages and 200 bags of rubbish were collected. Various types of waste - plastic, paper, glass and tin cans - were sorted, more than 100 m³ of dry branches were shredded. Everything that can be used as a recyclable material in the future will be sent for processing. Chopped branches will be used for heating educational institutions.