Registration for YEP! Starter – 2020 spring session has been opened

Registration for YEP! Starter – 2020 spring session has been opened

In order to enhance the innovative culture and development of academic entrepreneurship in higher education institutions, we invite students and young scientists working on the implementation of their start-ups to participate in the YEP! Starter programme. The project is supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia and the University of Tartu.

YEP! Starter is an entrepreneurship programme where you will create your own startup with business mentors` support in 3 months! Participants will be able to:

- check the relevance of their startup idea;

- develop a business model;

- gain useful knowledge from “CISCO”, “Deloitte”, “Gravitec”, “TechUkraine” represenatives, Estonian and US experts.

 In order to participate, you have to send the application form by February 21, 2020 to bit.1y/YEPStarter20S

The programme provides two-day intensive workshops and mentorship sessions held every 1-2 weeks in Kyiv and Kharkiv.

The schedule of intensive sessions and other details is available at

Residents of the “YEP” Academic Startup Incubator Network get to startup rankings, win international competitions, receive investments, and grow in the Product Hunt ranking. You can watch success stories of YEP residents at:

Participation in YEP! Starter programme is free of charge.