Rector Volodymyr Smolanka's greetings on Europe Day

Rector Volodymyr Smolanka's greetings on Europe Day

Dear colleagues!

For several consecutive years, Ukraine has developed a tradition of celebrating Europe Day in May. This year, according to the Decree of the President of Ukraine, we will celebrate this holiday for the first time on May 9th.

At present, this day has a special significance for Ukrainians, because our country and the EU are united not only by common values, history and culture.

European countries are actively helping Ukraine to defend its independence in the war against the russian invaders. And Ukrainian soldiers, with their courage and military art, are defending peace in Europe, courageously defeating the enemy.

I sincerely believe that in the near future Ukraine will become a member of the European Union, because the European vector of development is a guarantee of our independence, social justice and rapid development of science and culture.

I congratulate you on the holiday from the bottom of my heart!

The Rector of UzhNU

Volodymyr SMOLANKA