Making science is becoming much easier: about the innovations for UzhNU scientists

Making science is becoming much easier: about the innovations for UzhNU scientists

There is titanic work behind every scientific idea brought to life and it consists not only of scientific and research activities. This is also the search for partners, conducting examinations, drawing up project applications, technical documentation, reporting and much more. In order to make the way to the implementation of the scientific project easier, a number of very important updates have been adopted for the scientists of Uzhhorod National University. From now on, researchers will be able to pay more attention to their developments, while all the work, listed above, will be performed by professionals.

First of all, let's dwell upon the newly introduced Register of researchers. By the way, if there is no information about you yet, it is high time to create your portfolio. Why has this register been created? Currently, we can observe a trend towards interdisciplinarity in modern science. To create an innovative scientific project, for example, a physicist may need chemist’s or biologist’s help. In order to find the most qualified expert and an interested partner, a researcher from UzhNU will only need to refer to the register of researchers on the website, where all the university scientists, who have already created their profiles, will be grouped in clusters according to the fields of science, and young scientists will be grouped separately. You can read all the necessary information about each researcher: his or her scientific degree, field of scientific interests, direction and subject of scientific research, experience in project activities, participation in scientific research, implementation of scientific grants, level of foreign language proficiency and other important details for joint work.

Another important update is the Scientist’s route. This system wil help scientists to perform almost all the organizational work needed for scientific research. "This is our first step towards a new vision of scientific divisions at Uzhhorod University," Ivan Myronyuk notes, "We took a decision to adopt the relevant regulations according to which the scientific research unit, the scientific library and other divisions become more service-oriented. These units will help scientists with their self-realization. A researcher can be stopped by reluctance or inability, for example, to fill in all the necessary documentation to apply for a grant or international competition. Now, everything scientists needs to do is to engage in scientific activity and contact us with their ideas."

 Thus, the first step for a scientist from UzhNU who has a scientific idea and wants to implement it is to submit an application for conducting scientific research examination in order to check the scientific idea for novelty, determine its competitiveness and practical value, and check it according to substantive and formal indicators. In this application, you have to describe your idea briefly. Once your application has passed the check-up procedure, employees of various divisions of UzhNU will help you on your route. In particular, they will select partners for your research among domestic and international institutions, help with the protection of your intellectual property rights, prepare project application forms, assist you with the reporting and preparing technical documentation for the finished scientific products,  “Science Park of UzhNU” LLC. They will also be able to help with advertising, marketing and promotion of the finished products, and concluding license agreements. Meanwhile, you as a scientist of Uzhhorod National University will be able to focus on the qualitative performance of your scientific activity.