Coffee with the dean / Coffee with a student: Top 5 reasons to enter the Faculty of Economics

Coffee with the dean / Coffee with a student: Top 5 reasons to enter the Faculty of Economics

Each of the faculties of UzhNU has a lot of things that might attract future students. Therefore, we decided to have a cup of coffee with the dean of the Faculty of Economics, Vitaliy Serzhanov, and a student of the same faculty, Nikoletta Furdela, to identify the top 10 reasons why it is worth joining the Faculty of Economics.

 Nikoletta Furdela, a 3rd year student

 It is worth studying at the Faculty of Economics because:

1. We can use state-of-the-art technology while working on various projects, and preparing workshops as a team;

2. Our student life is diverse and vigorous; it involves various cool trips, charity events, movie nights, trips to orphanages, health days, “Miss of the Faculty” contests, etc.;

3. Students can participate in Erasmus+ student exchange programme;

4. They organize interesting educational trips for students to various enterprises, because the faculty has got arrangements about practical exchange of experience with various business firms, insurance companies, and banking institutions, which is a great opportunity for students to test their knowledge in practice and gain new practical experience;

5. The Faculty of Economics is not just a unit of an educational institution, it is a true family where everyone knows and respects each other and is ready to help anytime.

Vitaliy Serzhanov, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics is worth joining because:

1. It is the only unit in Transcarpathia which actually trains highly qualified specialists in various fields of economics. All the faculty members are high-class specialists;

2. We provide training in 8 specializms (educational programmes) one can choose from:

- Finance and credit;

- Customs and evaluation activity;

- Accounting, audit and taxation;

- Business consulting;

- Economy of enterprise;

- Logistics;

- Personnel management and labour economics;

- International commerce.

 3. We have established close ties with various employers, who invite our students to gain practical skills at their enterprises. Almost all our senior students are employed. Our faculty alumni practice their profession, many of them start their own businesses. We take into account the requirements of today's labour market in our curricula.

4. Our faculty collaborates with the universities from other countries (Croatia, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, and Georgia). Our students and teachers participate in Erasmus+ exchange programmes;

5. Students of the Faculty of Economics do not just study or do study science; they have also been provided with the conditions and opportunities for broad socialization and personal development.