Border and its impact on socio-economic development has been discussed with Slovak partners at UzhNU

Border and its impact on socio-economic development has been discussed with Slovak partners at UzhNU

A discussion "Border and its impact on socio-economic development" took place in the meeting hall of the Academic Council of UzhNU as part of the project "Safe and Inclusive Border between Slovakia and Ukraine" on Wednesday, November 9, 2022. The purpose of the discussion was to present and share Slovak and Ukrainian border management experience, the experience of teaching border studies and related disciplines on cross-border cooperation at Presov University, as well as analyze various aspects of the border impact on the life and economy in the border regions. The event was organized by Uzhhorod National University, the Center for Regional Risk Analysis and Slovak Foreign Policy Association.

The discussion was moderated by the vice-rector for academic affairs and research, prof. Myroslava Lendel and the head of the Center for Regional Risk Analysis, Svitlana Mitriayeva, an honored science and technology figure of Ukraine.

 "We have been working in difficult conditions for nine months already. When we started our work on the project "Safe and Inclusive Border between Slovakia and Ukraine" in 2021, we first thought about how to arrange our common border on the principles of sustainability, inclusiveness and security, which would affect the growth of socio-economic potential and opportunities for Ukrainians, Slovaks and other ethnic groups living in the border regions. We worked very fruitfully in February - it was the work which involved practitioners, experts, and scientists. And it is extremely valuable that after February 24th, three teams of project partners from Ukraine, Slovakia and Norway took a common decision to modify the project and continue its implementation, without any doubt. In fact, now it is already coming to its finish line and we can talk a lot about its scientific, expert and practical results," said the vice-rector Myroslava Lendel.

Svitlana Mitriayeva, who was responsible for the practical segment of the project, emphasized, "I believe that despite all the difficulties, we have coped with our part of the project, which is almost completed today. A number of very important events were held both on the territory of Slovakia and Ukraine. The project is multi-layered. My responsibilities were to organize fellowships, seminars, trainings for customs officers, border guards, etc. I also want to express my gratitude to our Slovak partners who, despite the great tension, decided to continue the project. And I am also very pleased that our university, together with University of Presov, is conducting scientific and analytical work as well as sociological research."

"Safe and Inclusive Border between Slovakia and Ukraine" (SIBSU) is an international project implemented by the Bureau of Border Police and Foreign Police of the Presidium of the Police Corps of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic, the Customs Directorate of the Slovak Republic, the Slovak Foreign Policy Association in partnership with the State Border Guard and Customs Services of Ukraine, Uzhhorod National University, University of Presov and the Center for Regional Risk Analysis with the support of "Apenhet" (Norway). The main goal of the project is to facilitate sharing the best practices between the border police and customs services of Slovakia, Ukraine, and Norway; identify and use the opportunities for deepening integrated border management and assist Ukraine in obtaining full membership in the EU.

 Professor Aleksander Duleba, advisor to the Prime Minister of Slovakia, the Senior Fellow at the Research Center of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association, Ladislav Habreček, the director of the Border Police Service (Slovakia); Yana Nimrichterova, employee of the communication department of the Customs Administration of the Slovak Republic; Anatoliy Holovka, deputy director of the Center for Regional Risk Analysis; prof. Liliya Dorofeeva, the head of the legal department of the Transcarpathian branch of the State Customs Service of Ukraine, Nataliia Khoruzha, the head of the international cooperation group of the Chop border guard detachment; Olena Trachuk, the head of the press service of the Chop border guard detachment, and students of political science, public management and administration of the Faculty of Social Sciences also joined the discussion.