Pl@NETour (HUSKROUA/1101/105)

 Grant Contract - HUSKROUA/1101/105

Project Title:  “Pl@NETour – Creation of a scientific tourism product and infrastructure for a cross-border scientific tourism network in Maramures and Transcarpathia regions” (HUSKROUA/1101/105)

The program of implementation:ENPI CBC Programme Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine 2007-2013.

Project duration: 15.09.2013 – 15.07.2015

Coordinators of UzhNUprofessorIvan KalynychHead of Department of Land Development and Cadasters.

The purpose of the project:

The development of the tourism potential of the border regions of Maramures and Transcarpathia the purpose of increase the contribution of the tourism sector in the economic development of the surrounding areas of Romania and Ukraine.

As a result of this project is planned to install modern digital planetarium based on UzhNU that would significantly expanded opportunities for education students of UzhNU and pupils in schools area and also increased the attractiveness of our region.

  1. Maramures County Council (Romania)
  2. Astronomical Complex Baia Mare (Romania);
  3. International Association of Regional Development Institutions “IARDI” (Ukraine);
  4. Uzhhorod National University, Laboratory of Space Research (Ukraine).

Translated by Victoria Vovchok