Project:2022-1-RO01-KA152-YOU-000064703/ Boost the European feeling

Project:  2022-1-RO01-KA152-YOU-000064703 / Boost the European feeling

Implementation period: 01.06.2022 – 31.03.2023

The main aim of the project `Boost the European feeling` is to create the right space for the Ukrainian young people (young people aged between 18-30) to build a stronger connection with each other, to enlarge their networking and to learn through non-formal methods. The focus on improving the knowledge and attitude of young people towards the European Union, active citizenship and democratic rights. We would also want to focus on how to keep their ethnic identity in the diversity context.

Starting from this idea, below is the list of knowledge, and skills that we believe the participants will improve by getting involved in all project activities:

  • understanding the structure of the European Union and how it works;
  • a brief overview of the history of the creation of the European Union;
  • familiarization with the institutions of the European Union;
  • familiarization with the concept of `European citizen`, `democracy` and `Unity in diversity`;
  • traversing all European values;
  • familiarization with the opportunities offered by the various programs within the European Union;
  • understanding of the Erasmus + Program and the opportunities offered by this program;
  • participants will understand how important it is to preserve their ethnic values in the context of diversity at European level;
  • understand the importance of being actively involved in policy making
  • participants will learn more about their rights and how they can exercise those rights;
  • participants will become familiar with non-formal education;
  • the 8 key competencies and Youthpass.



1) SU `Uzhhorod National University`

2) NGO `Uniunea Ucrainenilor din Romania`


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